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The Pioneer of Dreams:

Completed in humanities technology and fulfilled creative life.


|Fashion Design and Merchandising

|Interior Design and Decoration

|Culinary Arts and Ethnic food

|Children's Workshop

|Visual Art

|Pet Care and Business

|Business Management and Initiation 

The Shih Chien University has standing by the concept of “Industrious happiness”, proposed by our founder Mr. Hsieh Tung Min, we work hard and growth at the same time. From the startup of junior college, and upgraded to college than became a full university. We nurtured many outstanding alumnus, also received highly praises and complements. 
As the all the principals, colleagues and students from time to time, we kept our excellency of traditions. Through the time and developments, we emphasized “Technology as important as humanity”. And pushed forward the whole personally education about “Life and Creativity”. We provided the best environments and best software facilities, to help our students shape a creative thinking process, and built up a new area. We construed the most beautiful school facilities, and nurture art and humanity, encouraged the high quality personal characters. We present non-stoppable activities to giving our society and country the best talented persons contain hard working, creative and internationally ideas.  



No. 68, Dazhi St., Zhongshan Dist.

, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Shih Chien University

Continuing Education Center

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