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FashionDesign and Merchandising

The main concept about the Fashion Design and Merchandising in Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center is to develop the specialty from the fashion design to the industry. Our purpose is to bring our students step by step, from scratch to a complete personal collection. From the basic sewing skills to the applications industrial knowledge, create a place to let the students can freely develop everything in fashion design. All the courses are combined all the required techniques and fundamental skills. We hope our students to have the unique originality, and the core design concept assimilate into every apparels. 


Our courses included 5 different main directions, Fashion Design, Apparel Construction, Fashion Illustration, Textile Design and Colour. An original collection will be present at the end of the course. Through our courses, also build up the solid fundamental techniques, and it will be the beginning as a personal brand. Besides all these we also have 3D moulage and computer aid design course. Make the professional talents for the industry and company. 

Also we have professional buyer, fashion display and merchandising courses. We will take you understand about everything in fashion marketing and branding. To be a precise buyer and tremendous window display. Coming up with the price range control, branding management and analysis. It’s the way to be a professional buyer and brand manager. Build up comprehensive needed skills and personal taste, make you an expert in fashion. 

 Interior design and decoration

The Interior design and decoration courses in Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center. It is different from the design course in our university, it’s much more focus on the needed form market and society, to make you become a professional interior designer and decoration planner. The basic foundation to advance design and planning, included the examinations and as an independent designer are all follow the guideline from our masters. We provide systematic and coherent courses, to develop comprehensive interior design ability. 


From the basic hand drawing perspective, floor plan and construction guideline, to advance skills such as Sketch Up, Auto CAD and 3DS MAX, we have all kinds of course options. You can not only choice the examinations but also the Light design, software designer, business space interior design, renovate the old house etc. all the assist courses that we have to fit you need. We want to provide all the useful courses, and fulfill you and industrial requirements. 

Culinary Arts and ethnic food

Full directions talents, from the basic Chinese entree to cook with the global Chinese cuisine chef and master. Our courses cross from Chinese cuisine to Western cuisine, noodles, pastry, coffee, tea and wine. All the courses taught by professional chefs. Excessively improve your learning skill on culinary arts, provides the finest and safest food. Also let the beginner to cook through our course to professional chef. We use the simplest way and equipment to provide the most delicious dishes to transfer our lovely thoughts and passions to our family and friends.  Use our personal tasting and touching memory to learn how to cook and master this skill become a foodie.

Children's workshop

Let’s learn together, no matter children or adults, we have all kinds of family workshop, includes kid’s cooking, children’s floral, family yoga … etc, hope we can create warm and nice family time. 


And our summer/ winter camp, we explore functional learning courses, we try to trigger kid’s learning interests and open up all kinds of potentiality for kids. Such as little fashion designer, little stylist, little barista, little baker and little explore camp. We like to explore all varieties of kids, and make everything possible.    


Furthermore we have “Artec programed robotic” course, we let the kids use their imagination to create a robot. Through the modules of the robot to create unique shape and form. Combine with the control system and “Scratch Visual program” programing system. We bring children into effectively learning, and train them how to solve the problems and analyzed the solutions, to having the most efficient integrated execution.  

 Visual Art

Aesthetics is everywhere around us in life. Our school is famous  for our design  houses. Furthermore we want to make our design aesthetics in generalization everywhere. Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center is purpose on solid aesthetics foundation, provides basic design courses to lead our students into Graphic Design, Software Design, Web Design, Comics, Photography and Video areas. At the same time we intend to open a gate that can help you fulfill your dreams. Illustrations and fine arts courses are also provided. To let our students have all kinds of opportunities.

 Foreign language and Japanese courses

The foreign language and Japanese Course divided by Japanese, English, Korean, European and Southeast Asian languages. We have regular step by step courses and all kinds of examination needed workshops, also we have different kinds of majoring courses, and we bring many interesting topics to help our students learning language easily and inspired their interests in learning foreign languages.

Pet care and business

There is not only kids but also pets are focused on our modern family. We provided pet care and business relations courses. We have Pet behavior training, Introduction to basic veterinarians, Introduction to basic pet food, Interdiction to basic nutrition, Pet grooming, Pet environmental planning and design, Innovative industry and entrepreneurship, Financial analysis and basic legal introduction. We hope our student can build all kinds of skills around pet step by step.

Business Management
and Initiation 

Our main direction is to enchasing our student’s competitiveness and management ability. We used the latest big data marketing strategy. To help to you open an exclusively personal path in this social media generation. Among them, the online business course we invited teacher Chen ZhaoJun who teaches you how to make one million for one thousands dollar. We will help you selling your own products by internet marketing, live broadcasting, online stores and promotion.  

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