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The Pioneer of Dreams: Completed in humanities technology and fulfilled creative life.

The Shih Chien University has standing by the concept of “Industrious happiness”, proposed by our founder Mr. Hsieh Tung Min, we work hard and growth at the same time. From the startup of junior college, and upgraded to college than became a full university. We nurtured many outstanding alumnus, also received highly praises and complements. 
As the all the principals, colleagues and students from time to time, we kept our excellency of traditions. Through the time and developments, we emphasized “Technology as important as humanity”. And pushed forward the whole personally education about “Life and Creativity”. We provided the best environments and best software facilities, to help our students shape a creative thinking process, and built up a new area. We construed the most beautiful school facilities, and nurture art and humanity, encouraged the high quality personal characters. We present non-stoppable activities to giving our society and country the best talented persons contain hard working, creative and internationally ideas.  

                         The main concept from our founder Mr. Hsieh Tung Min. 

                                                            ''We teach everything you want to learn. 

                             Increased self-worth, fulfilled your dream and create a wonderful world. 
                                                Make better education and achieved lifelong learning.
                                                                        Your Future begins here!''

In order to meet the need of the age for knowledge economy. Our continuing education center create a formal education and continuing education environment, Implementation of the sprits about there is no students cannot learn. And seamlessly working with the industry. Tutoring our students to step up on education or job. We have variety of classes include credit courses, non-credit crosses, and overseas cultural exchanges class and education cooperation. Fulfill the trend of the era and meet the desires of modern people to seek knowledge, Our Departments keep improve our teacher and our equipment, to setting up multi plans and practical classes. Our plan includes talented, certificated and licensed. We in tend to focused on 4 core abilities, academic ability, employability, socialize and self-fulfill. We wish our student to transform what they learn in Continuing education center into the competitively in working. Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center stand by the newest and latest concept to build up a sophisticated, high-quality and perfect lifelong learning 






Credit Class: College of Management, College of Human Ecology, College of Design.

Our department use our colleges’ resources to promote the continuing education and create life aesthetics. 

Continuing Class: Interior Design (License Class)/ Fashion Design/ Art and Illustration/ Cooking and Food (Certification Class)/ Beauty and Hairdressing/ International language/ business and finance management/ Children and Leisure/ Professional function Certification.  

Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center is the earliest Education Center in Taiwan, We delicate in combing university and continuing education for a lifelong learning environment. Aim to improve our life and personal skills. Such as in-Job leaning, professional skills, leisure and all kinds of conferences, we provides all needs in life. 

Industry-University Cooperation, Cooperation Class: Overseas community affairs Council/ Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor/ Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government/ Other Excellent Business units cooperation, Overseas Culture exchange, and Cooperation in the China, Hong Kong and Macao. 


Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center has always provides the best courses, therefore we have experienced in arrange the courses and classes, we also working with all kinds of organizations, and cooperation to fit their need. Our center’s courses are defined as the best Center by all the organizations. We provides all kinds of activities and courses contains all kinds of professions. We let our students easily applied and used in work. Improved the quality and capability at the same time. Also we let our student enjoy work, life and learning. Therefore, the students and the organizations form all area have given us very high complement. Our center keep working to improving and opening new class and new facilities. We have national examination facilities, and held many nationally examinations and cooperate with many different organizations. Our center located in a prefect locations and plenty of courses that attracted lots of students from overseas. We enlarge our academically actives and interact with China, Hong Kong and Macao at the same time. We also step out Taiwan improve internationally, we working with all the Asia counties and overseas. 






















.J. Test Japanese Language Test / Taiwan Affairs Bureau 
.Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee/ Various Food and Beverage courses. 

.Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Industrial Talent investment plan. 

.Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, On Job training Plan 

.Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Youth Vocational Training

.Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C. , foreign language courses

.Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government, Child and Juvenile welfare institution professional supervisor training course. 

.Nation Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance/ Accounting and Taxation agent professional training.  

.Taipei City Vocational Development Association, Function training and further training 

.Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Interior Design skills and Technician Verification 

.Kikkoman Corporation, Kikkoman Cup Cooking competition 

.Government of Macao Special Administrative Region Education and Youth Affairs Bureau/Creative Education Program  

.Taiwan Tohan Co., LTD. 

.City & Guilds, Barista Skills qualifications and training courses

There are so many units and organizations cannot listed.   

Professional facilities and Examination facilities 

Shih Chien Continuing Education Center has national qualified examination center and learning facilities. We held many professional contests and examinations etc. 

Our School and Area

Close to the NeiHu technology park and the Nagang Software and science park, we took place at the Corridor of Taipei Science and Technology. It has advantages for our students to open up the configurations and visions. It is the most elegant and beautiful campus in Taipei. The National Place Museum and Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the vibes and atmosphere can enhance the taste and character, it’s the best choice for young students.


Our environment and equipment 

We continually improving our school facilities to meet up the learning trend and era. We located in a good position in Taipei, we also improving our International communications. To meet up the globally and international behaviors, we provided multi learning courses and professional learning equipment, Let our students face the reality of working, and increased the students’ abilities. Our leisure courses are design to fulfill life pleasure for our students. 

Living Today
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